Stephen Curry’s parents leave aside their differences to celebrate NBA Championship

Amidst the swirling controversy surrounding their publicized spouse swap, Stephen Curry’s parents set aside their differences to be present for their son’s pivotal moment. They take immense pride in Stephen’s status as one of the greatest basketball players of all time, momentarily forgetting their personal issues. As the final whistle blew, Stephen immediately sought out his father, Dell Curry, on the sidelines, embracing him in a heartfelt hug.

Curry family

Tears welled in Stephen’s eyes as he recognized his father’s unwavering support throughout his career. Sonya Curry, too, radiated with pride, enthusiastically gesturing the number four in celebration. Stephen had just secured his fourth championship with the Golden State Warriors, a remarkable achievement attained by only a select few in NBA history.

Amidst the jubilant celebration, Stephen Curry managed to coax his parents into posing for a family photo alongside his siblings. Despite the momentary joy over Steph’s achievement, the harsh reality of their ongoing divorce loomed over them. Dell Curry’s refusal to provide alimony to Sonya due to allegations of infidelity has added a contentious layer to their separation.


The situation took a dark and surreal turn when they attended one of the NBA Finals games with their new partners, who themselves were formerly married to each other. The divorce proceedings have become increasingly acrimonious, with Dell accusing Sonya of multiple instances of infidelity, while Sonya contends that Dell was unfaithful throughout their 33-year marriage.

Stephen Curry serves as the linchpin in bridging their divide. Divorce, a practice prevalent for decades, is often a healthier alternative to maintaining a facade for public consumption. Sonya Curry found that continuing her marriage with Dell was untenable. However, both individuals have demonstrated the capacity to set aside their differences and assume their roles as Stephen Curry’s parents when necessary.

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The recent championship victory last Thursday showcased the complexity of the Curry family, reflecting the intricacies common to many American families. For Steph, maintaining familial closeness during crucial moments takes precedence. He respects his parents’ autonomy in managing their private lives, recognizing it as their prerogative.