Stephen Curry wants to make golf blacker and browner, and raise his game, too: He will continue to invest in the sport he love

Nearly thirty years have passed since Tiger Woods first began revolutionizing the world of golf and serving as an inspiration to children from all walks of life. Yet, despite his impact, the sport remains predominantly white. The number of Black professionals at the highest level can be counted on one hand, and there is little diversity in the elite amateur and college ranks.

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While commendable organizations have made strides in introducing golf to underprivileged youth, there remains a significant challenge in retaining them in the sport long enough for them to develop the necessary skills and passion to pursue it professionally or even as a serious hobby. In terms of fostering lasting engagement and facilitating access to the social networks, internships, and career opportunities inherent in the sport, progress has been minimal.

Undoubtedly, Tiger Woods has had a profound cultural impact. Countless individuals, regardless of background, have taken up golf or come to appreciate it as a legitimate sport because of his influence. Criticisms directed at Woods for not taking specific, deliberate actions to diversify golf are often oversimplified.

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His collective choices have resulted in some of the most dominant and captivating golf ever witnessed, and his TGR Foundation has made significant strides in education, aligning with his immense star power. However, other leaders within the golfing community may perceive a missed opportunity.

While it may not be as straightforward as a short putt to increase access to driving ranges and courses in underserved communities, it’s difficult to envision a better opportunity than during the peak of Woods’ career.

The individual with the greatest potential to diversify golf and make it more reflective of our society happens to be the point guard for the Golden State Warriors.

Yes, you read that correctly.

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Stephen Curry, at 36 years old, holds a unique position as a basketball player that pro golfers typically don’t have. Winning the 2023 American Century Championship with a final-hole eagle, especially during a summer where his handicap reached as low as plus-3, solidifies Curry as the top celebrity golfer, regardless of how you weigh skill against influence.

Considering his athleticism and competitive background, Curry’s expressed desire to eventually compete on the PGA Tour Champions doesn’t seem far-fetched. “I don’t know what the path is,” Curry has stated. “All I know is, when I’m done with basketball, I’m going to dedicate as much time and effort into improving my golf game as possible, and where that places me in 14 years, we’ll find out.”