LEAVING THE PARTY: Stephen Curry unfollows Diddy on social media and declares departure from negative influences

NBA enthusiasts were quick to observe Steph Curry’s recent activity on social media, noting reports that he had unfollowed rapper Diddy, legally known as Sean Combs. The rapper has come under public scrutiny due to various allegations against him, including accusations of domestic abuse, sexual assault, and other offenses, as reported by numerous media outlets.


Following in the footsteps of LA Lakers’ LeBron James, who unfollowed Diddy on social media, Curry has now also distanced himself from the rapper. James took this action promptly after a video depicting Diddy assaulting his ex-girlfriend, Casandra Ventura, circulated online, showing the music mogul engaging in physical violence against her during their time together at a hotel.

Curry’s decision to sever ties with Diddy, amid the rapper’s ongoing legal issues, did not go unnoticed by fans online, signaling a notable shift in the stance of the Golden State Warriors star.

Fans were quick as they acknowledged the move from Curry. Here are some of what the fans had to say.

Diddy, Steph Curry among group bidding for Panthers - Sports Illustrated

“We won’t be seeing Steph at diddy parties anymore,” one fan mentioned.”No Diddy party for Steph,” another fan said.”Steph told him night night,” one fan said.

Some fans were glad that Curry unfollowed the rapper.

“Finally keeping the family away,” one fan said.

“Bro really said ‘no, diddy!'” another fan said.”Common Chef Curry W,” this fan was impressed with Curry’s move.

Since the video of his assault was posted, Diddy has issued a public apology. He posted a video apology for his actions on his Instagram account.

Fans react to Steph Curry unfollowing Diddy

Steph Curry and Diddy were almost owners of an NFL team

Back in 2017, Jerry Richardson was forced to sell the Carolina Panthers after issues of inappropriate workplace behavior surfaced. Music mogul Diddy became interested in purchasing the NFL team, which caught the attention of Steph Curry. Being from Charlotte, North Carolina, Curry wanted a chance to be an owner of his hometown’s team.

Curry quickly made it known to the public about his interest in acquiring the team. Following Diddy’s interest in buying the team, the Warriors star posted on his X (formerly Twitter), to show his interest.