Steph Curry is always adapting to the times: the 10-time All-Star had become one of the lead investors in the company’s Nirvana Super Waters, Seltzers, and their other wellness beverages

Golden State Warriors standout Steph Curry and Nirvana Water Sciences Corp. shared a significant announcement on Tuesday morning, unveiling that the 10-time All-Star had taken on a prominent role as one of the main investors in the company’s Nirvana Super Waters, Seltzers, and other health-oriented beverages.

A joint official statement issued by Nirvana Water Sciences Corp., Steph Curry, and Thirty Ink conveyed the following message:

“Nirvana Water Sciences Corp., accompanied by four-time NBA champion, two-time league MVP, and 10-time NBA All-Star Stephen Curry, alongside the parent company of his business ventures, Thirty Ink, disclosed today a substantial investment and a strategic partnership, establishing Curry as a key investor in the company’s Nirvana Super Waters, Seltzers, and their array of other health-focused beverages.”

NBA All-Star Stephen Curry becomes lead investor, brand ambassador for  Nirvana Super Waters | Fox Business

Curry also provided a statement, stating:

“I recently discovered the potency of Nirvana Super and the remarkable effects of HMB on my body, reducing recovery time during the demanding grind of my fifteenth NBA season. Incorporating Nirvana Super Waters into my wellness regimen earlier this season helped me achieve my goal of enduring another challenging season. Beyond the overall recovery benefits, I was astonished by the positive impact it had on my day-to-day preparation.

I’m thrilled to join forces with the Nirvana Super team, and I hope that my investment, along with this brand ambassador announcement, underscores my confidence in Nirvana Super and the advantages of HMB for athletes at all levels and health-conscious consumers.”

On the court, Curry stands out as one of the NBA’s premier players, and off the court, he is recognized as one of the league’s most influential businessmen.